You’re looking for a project and task management tool for a reason, right?

Something is broken. Either your current tool isn’t working for you or you don’t have one and your processes are a mess. But here’s the thing, traditional PPM tools only focus on managing projects. You and your team do more than that. You need more.

Traditional project management tools fail to adapt to how your team really works.

The truth is, there is a lifecycle to work but it’s often mismanaged. Most enterprise teams have a disconnected work experience that looks something like this:

  • Team members use multiple tools
    Your team members manage their day-to-day work using more tools than Bob Villa. There’s a different tool for everything from task management to file sharing.
  • Tools differ from team member to team member
    Every member of your team uses an absurd amount of differing tools.
  • And from team to team
    Your team works with other teams inside and outside of your company that are all using separate tools to manage their work.
  • Each team receives work requests differently
    They may come as emails, phone calls, notes on a desk, conversations, instant messages, or even through a PPM tool, etc.
  • Everyone works in different ways
    Each team plans, executes, and collaborates on their work using their own set of processes.
  • The result is complete chaos
    No one is on the same page, you have no clue who is working on what, work gets lost, you’re eating up funds, nothing is on time.

Workfront Enterprise Work Management is more than a task management tool. It’s a comprehensive project management solution.

You already have plenty of “tools.” Enterprise Work Management is an actual solution that eliminates disparate tools and the frustration of silos giving you visibility you can trust. Frankly, it’s the best project management software available.

Everyone benefits from the value of visibility

  • Senior Managers
    Senior managers can justify their resources and budgets and better prioritize how resources are used.
  • Managers
    Managers are better able to align their team’s work to corporate strategy and improve their team’s productivity.
  • Team Members
    Team members are empowered to make better decisions, prioritize more effectively, and work more efficiently.

Watch the videos to learn how Workfront can help your organization manage work throughout the entire Enterprise Work Lifecycle.

“Workfront was a simpler, faster way to our requirements. It wasn’t so complicated. It was intuitive. I think it was the implementation and the quickness to prove it was the right tool that allowed us to move forward.”

Jen French

Director of Creative Services
American Capital

“With Workfront, we can prove where our bottlenecks are. Now we have visibility into how long it’s taking for projects to go from one milestone to the next. We can know to the hour how much projects actually cost and how profitable our final product is.”

Frank Grippo


“The biggest value that Workfront has created is visibility. The value is the time savings of not having to chase down information, and that isn’t something that I can put a price on, because you don’t get more time in the day. And I do feel like this tool has given us time back in our day.”

Tiffany Schepens

Tampa General Hospital