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You’re under pressure to deliver learning solutions faster, improve employee engagement, course attendance, and prove the value of the L&D function to the wider business. But you likely find yourself spending too much time fielding emails, project managing, and completing admin tasks, compromising your ability to drive best in class learning and development programmes.
Workfront offers you a solution to take stock and make clear decisions based on what really matters. By offering one place for teams to collaborate, integrated with your existing LXPs, to connect workflows, you can reduce admin time, and start bringing your people together for the better.

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We understand the pressure you’re under to make L&D more effective within your company, but luckily we have some top tips to help. Download our tipsheet to get six tips to boost your L&D.

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We recently conducted a survey of L&D specialists across enterprise organisations. Find out how an enterprise work management platform could be the answer you’re looking for.

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"Workfront is really about working smarter, allowing us to work faster and more efficiently. It’s so adaptable that any business group can easily customise and use it."
Jenna Shiba
Marketing Operations Manager, Fender

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