Workfront Digital Asset Management

Make an impact with centralized digital asset management. Workfront DAM streamlines the process of managing and delivering content, so your team has one place where everyone can turn to for final, approved content.

What is workfront dam?

Workfront DAM is a centralized solution for managing, sharing, publishing, and tracking your approved digital files. It moves your content out of silos and connects teams to approved assets.

Work with speed and predictability

Work With Speed & Predictability

Stop losing time searching for content, emailing versions, and duplicating efforts. With all of your files in one location, there’s no more hunting for the most up-to-date asset. The right content is always available and your team delivers better work, faster.

Increase visibility

Increase Visibility

Get key metrics right at your fingertips. Workfront DAM lets you track and report on which assets are being used more than others. Keep up to date on which assets are having the greatest impact.

Control compliance

Control Compliance

You spend countless hours ensuring your company materials comply with brand messaging and industry regulations. Workfront DAM allows you to control your content and maintain brand and industry standards across departments.

Increase your content's impact


Administrator controls

Control who has access to specific content. Your designated administrator can determine which content can be viewed, downloaded, or uploaded by users across departments. Get real-time alerts when the content your team manages is changed or used.

Administrator controls
Brand portal

Protect your brand and reputation in the marketplace. The brand portal gives your team and external collaborators access to view, share, or download important brand guidelines and materials from anywhere.

Brand portal
Smart filters

Organize assets in a way that makes sense for your team. Help your team find and access content by using custom tags to sort assets by keyword, campaign, product line, asset type, etc.

Smart filters
Connect to Workfront

Manage all of your work in one place. With one click, assets can be linked to a Workfront project, campaign, or task, so your files can be tied directly to your workflows.

Connect to Workfront


File sharing

Make sure that the right file gets where it needs to go. Share assets through a direct link, download link, as a collection, or as a Lightbox without having to rely on an FTP server, email attachment, or USB drive.

File sharing
Automatic publishing

You no longer need to log into each platform separately to publish new content. With Workfront DAM, you can automatically publish key assets and images directly to your pre-selected web channels or social media sites.

Automatic publishing
Dynamic updates

Your brand assets are published across a number of platforms and remembering to update them all can be a headache. When you update a file within the DAM, it’s automatically updated wherever it’s published.

Dynamic updates

Workfront Customers Achieve More

cynthia boon full

"Workfront allows us to measure our work and report back on our successes. Reporting enables us to translate the team's hard work into quantifiable results for our leadership team."

Cynthia Boon
AVP Customer Experience Delivery, GM Financial
  • Automate workflows across teams and departments
  • Connect your tools and applications in one location
  • Streamline your digital asset management