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Executive Perspective

  • Achieve company-wide visibility into capacity and resources
  • Align initiatives with strategic objectives
  • Gain real-time status insight
  • Justify projects with business case builder
  • Get a high-level view with portfolio optimizer and dashboards

Business Efficiency

  • Eliminate confusion with a single system of truth
  • Overcome communication breakdowns
  • Pinpoint and resolve bottlenecks
  • Connect teams across departments or geographies
  • Access information anytime, anywhere, on any device

Data-driven Analysis

  • Track time and expenses accurately
  • Justify budget and resource needs
  • Identify KPIs that make sense
  • Measure employee, team, and company performance
  • Guarantee enterprise-grade security

Continuous Improvement

  • Leverage built-in measurement and evaluation
  • Customize and refine processes based on results
  • Collaborate within the context of work
  • Acknowledge work well-done to improve motivation
  • Eliminate wasted time, rework, and meetings

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The Value of Enterprise Work & Project Management

Senior leaders know the work doesn’t end when a project is complete—you must look ahead, anticipate opportunities, and mitigate risks. Workfront gives you the future-view insight you need to capitalize on the vision and outperform the competition.

Automation Across The Enterprise

Workfront streamlines workflows across the organization to save time and money, improve company performance, maximize ROI, and justify resources and budgets.

A Nimble Solution For The Agile Business

Respond to market, industry, and competitive forces with Workfront’s flexible system that makes it easy to adjust processes, timelines, and strategies in real-time.

End-to-end Management & Best Practices

Workfront handles any work, from start to finish, with support from our expert consultants who provide guidance and a fresh perspective to maximize your ROI.

“The value is tremendous. Our best engineers are gaining 20% or 30% more time behind the CAD station, innovating. Our fill rates, our ability to see what’s going on in the supply chain and understand what our year’s going to look like, are worth millions of dollars to the company.”

Steve Malchow

VP Operations
Trek Bicycle Company