Has your work team turned into the Working Dead?

Sometimes, your co-workers can get so slow, so lethargic, so behind on pretty much everything, that you start to wonder. Watch our new video series about the misadventures of the last human manager in an office full of zombies. Then learn more about how Workfront can bring your workplace zombies back from the un-dead.

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The Working Dead: "The Report"

Reports can't come fast enough for one exasperated manager... for reasons soon to be revealed.

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The Working Dead: "Fresh Meat"

The only human in a zombie-infested company is excited when another human joins the team. His joy proves short-lived.

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The Working Dead: "Lunch Break"

During lunch with his zombie co-workers, the last human at the company gripes about one guy's slow response to work requests. Someone loses their head.

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The Working Dead: "On the Phone"

Office interruptions are the worst - especially when it's from a hungry co-worker.

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The Working Dead: "Conference Call"

Conference calls are a struggle, especially when the person on the end is a zombie.

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