One of the biggest frustrations of in-house creative services teams comes from being treated like a “drive-through” service rather than a strategic partner. More and more, creative services teams are realising that it’s time to take more control of their work. In an attempt to prove their value, worth, and expertise to the internal clients they serve, several in-house creative teams have made the strategic decision to rebrand and restructure their teams to function as full-service, in-house creative agencies.

What does this trend mean for your creative team? Does it make sense for you to make the switch? This webinar will discuss the following items to help you decide if transitioning to an in-house agency is the best move for you:

This webinar will help:

  • Creative Services vs. In-house Agency – is there really a difference?

  • The main motivations for rebranding

  • Which factors to consider before making your decision

  • Five steps for getting started and managing the change

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