The world of project management is at a tipping point. PPM as we know it is extinct.

Today’s top-down, siloed approach is no longer effective in a world of instantly available SaaS applications, real-time data analysis and the challenge of managing all types of work. Instead, global organisations and analyst firms alike are rapidly embracing the concept of Enterprise Work Management – a bottoms-up, grassroots approach to managing enterprise projects.

Visit the Workfront booth at this year’s PMI Congress to learn how Workfront can help you with the many challenges faced by project managers in today’s PPM, including:

  • An ever-increasing number of non-technical stakeholders that will require new ways to collaborate.
  • The demand for real-time visibility among executives that will drive a need for better, automated reporting that doesn’t rely on manually updated spreadsheets.
  • The need to incorporate a wide variety of work methodologies.
  • The reasons why adoption is of far greater significance than process.

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