Project management isn’t just for the PMO anymore. In fact, when you realize that project management ultimately boils down to getting work done—on time, on target, and on budget—it’s clear that we ALL need a few best practices up our sleeves. Join Workfront to hear expert recommendations on how you can take work management in your organization to a whole new level. We’ll share insights–gleaned from hundreds of successful deployments in a wide range of industries–on the following topics:

  • THE CRUX OF THE PROBLEM – The most common pitfalls that trip up enterprise work teams
  • HOW TO AVOID MAKING IT WORSE – Why the majority of project management solutions deployed to solve them ultimately fail
  • THE PATH TO SUCCESS – FIVE best practices you can implement to streamline work, revolutionize collaboration, and ensure success

About the presenters


Doug Williams



Doug is an accomplished and hands-on organizational change analyst, senior project management professional, and enterprise systems engineer/architect. He has over 30 years of experience with organizational change management, enterprise systems development, company infrastructure management, and systems architecture design. He is frequently thought of as a thought leader allowing others to learn from his broad experiences and practical knowledge. Finally, he is a long-time organizational psychologist working within a doctoral program to understand and explain why people choose to work, or not.


Kari Woolf

Senior GTM Manager


Kari Woolf has more than twenty years of experience in high-tech marketing and project management. In her current role, she oversees audience marketing for the IT/PMO business at Workfront. Prior to Workfront, she held marketing positions at Novell and The Attachmate Group, as well as account and project management roles at a creative agency.

“Demand planning was just killing us, and we had a larger than average attrition rate that was very bothersome. A lot of our team members just felt we weren’t forward-looking enough; they felt overwhelmed. For us to be able to help them, we had to know what they were doing. We had to have visibility.”

PMO Manager

Large Hospital