A day in the life of a marketer is anything but laid back. You have tons of deliverables to focus on, brand standards to uphold, and more and more pressure to be creative and innovative. This often leads to late hours and weekends just to hit deadlines, leading to burnout and low morale.

What marketers (you) need is time. And since the idea of creating extra time in a day defies the laws of the universe, the only option is to make better use of the time available. Recent research has identified five habits that occur in most marketers’ workdays that waste time and negatively impact productivity—and the results may shock you. Watch this free seminar to learn how to break these habits and become a more productive and happy marketer.

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About the presenters

Shelbi Gomez headshot (1)

Shelbi Gomez

Communications Manager

Workfront, inc.

Shelbi Gomez has gained a wealth of experience in both agency and corporate marketing environments. Shelbi is currently making waves as the Communications Manager at up-and-coming technology firm Workfront, where she guides brand awareness, market research, analyst relations, and customer content.


Marcus Varner

Senior Content Marketing Manager


Over the last eight years, Marcus Varner has worked in every type of content—from writing to video production to design. His focus is always on breaking through the clutter while engaging audiences with brands' most foundational messaging. He currently oversees all corporate- and awareness-level level content at Workfront.