Speakers: Frank Grippo, Director, Web Services; LexisNexis 
Brian Cressall, Development Manager; Workfront

Manual processes, disconnected tools and swamped stakeholders have left project managers and IT directors scrambling for a better way to stay on schedule and under budget.

But simply adding another project management tool will only make things worse…

Instead, join LexisNexis and Workfront for a webinar that will highlight 3 practical solutions to repair enterprise project management.

This informative presentation will feature real-world examples of innovative best practices, including:

Focus on the flow (of work): Project managers are good at what they do. The real problem is the workflow around the projects they manage. Fix the flow or face project failure.

Embrace mixed methodologies: Most IT teams aren’t a pure Agile or Waterfall shop. They need a mixed methodology approach to project management. Regardless, establishing visibility and workflow across different methodologies is key.

Underscore adoption: Historically, project management solutions live in a bubble. They’re great for project managers and utterly confusing for everyone else. To get stakeholders collaborating about critical work (instead of just avoiding status meetings), a solution needs to be usable and accessible.

Who Should Watch?

  • CIOs & CTOs
  • Directors & VPs of IT
  • Project Managers
  • PMO Directors
  • Directors & VPs of Engineering
  • Engineering Managers