People assume email is a great tool for collaboration because it’s simple, flexible, and universal. But “let me send that to you again so it’s at the top of your inbox” is a phrase we’ve all heard. Why?

Because email, rather than facilitating collaboration, is often where ideas, documents, and critical requests get lost in an overflowing inbox, killing collaboration and productivity.

The Facts

The average worker spends 28 percent of the working week managing email. Email may be the most commonly used tool to communicate and collaborate, but in reality, it creates silos and information overload that is difficult to manage.

In this on-demand webinar, learn how to:

  • Effectively use email for the “right” things
  • Leverage email features to filter and sort
  • Create response templates for messages you send frequently
  • Keep emails short and to the point
  • Provide a central point for requesting and tracking tasks

About the presenters


Richard Whitehead

Senior GTM Director


John Schefer

John Schefer

Senior Solutions Engineer

Workfront, Inc.

Starting in education and consulting, John has worked with hundreds of customers to implement Workfront. He specializes in helping marketing teams and organizations tailor Workfront’s work management solution to meet their respective needs. Most recently, John had the role of Sr. Technical Product Marketing Manager, helping define the messaging and processes to help the Account Executives and customers find the most success in their implementation.

Who should watch this webinar

Creative teams and managers who want to stop wading through unread emails and start getting to the really juicy creative work.