For years in-house creative services and marketing communications teams have consistently reported that client behaviors, finding time for creativity, proving the value of the team, and improving the perception of the team are among their greatest challenges. In-house creative teams across the globe, in fact, are focusing on becoming strategic partners to their internal clients—an effort, they hope, will stop their teams from being seen and treated as “execution-only” services rather than the legitimate creative, marketing, and advertising groups they are.

More and more, creative services teams are realizing that it’s time to take more control of their work. In an attempt to prove their value, worth, and expertise to the internal clients they serve, several in-house creative teams, like Starbucks, Google, Disney, Facebook, Blackbaud, and Charles Schwab, have made the strategic decision to rebrand and restructure their teams to function as full-service, in-house marketing agencies.

Does this trend make sense for your creative team? This webinar will discuss steps to help you decide if transitioning to an in-house agency model is the best move for you.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • When and how the in-house agency model can benefit you
  • 7 steps for getting started with your transition to the agency model
  • Real-world success and examples from Blackbaud’s in-house agency

About the presenters


Amy Spencer

Director, Corporate Marketing


Amy Spencer started her career in the nonprofit sector as a marketing director and then spent fifteen years in radio and broadcast sales and marketing management with CBS and FOX affiliates. She joined Blackbaud almost eight years ago, spending five years as the senior product marketing manager for the arts & cultural division and is currently the director of the in-house marketing agency. Amy holds a BA in Organizational Communication from Purdue University, is very active in the Charleston nonprofit community, and has a passion for all things golf.


Raechel Duplain

GTM Manager


Raechel is a Southern Californian currently living in Southern Florida. She’s spent the last six years at a Utah-based company, Workfront, where she’s helped build a strategic content marketing program that works in partnership with creative and demand generation. Raechel leads a team of writers—in-house and freelance—and manages creative projects, with particular expertise in in-house creative services teams and agencies. When she’s not working, Raechel spends her time with her husband, at the beach, or pretending like she’s going to go for a run.

Who should watch this webinar

  • Creative Directors
  • Production Managers
  • Graphic Designers