Maximising productivity is vital to your organisation’s success. And with that includes a long list of important projects that need your attention. Staying on top of each project’s status can cause a whirlwind of status inquiries, data gathering, and organising reports. Often times, this information is hard to find because your staff is tangled in ad hoc work that isn’t tracked and others on your team have projects that are stuck in limbo, waiting on key stakeholders’ input.

Ready to find a better way? It’s time to get complete visibility into all of your organisation’s projects and fly-by requests that fill up the workday.

Watch this on-demand webinar where a panel of industry leading experts discuss tips and tricks to get real visibility into all of your projects.

About the presenters


Duncan MacRae

Chief Editor


Duncan MacRae has been involved with tech B2B publishing in the UK and around the globe for many years, editing publications including Arabian Computer News, Plastic Electronics News, Brand Protection Technology, Computer Business Review and Tech Week Europe. His main interests are software, security, mobility, cloud and the Internet of Things.


Michael Luciano

Director of QA


Michael Luciano currently holds the position of Director of Quality Assurance at Workfront, a leader and innovator in the PPM space of enterprise collaborative work management. Mr. Luciano has over twenty years experience in the field of quality assurance, having worked to build high performance global teams and enterprise QA process for such companies as Xerox, EDS, HP, Thomson Reuters and, currently, Workfront. Mr. Luciano has achieved a Masters of Science level of education in Information Technology, and has spoken at a number of institutions regarding the current state of the QA industry and the opportunities available to those interested in the field.


Jasmin Brandl

Head of PMO


Jasmin Brandl has gained extensive experience in enterprise project management and department information management. Within her role at Kneipp, Mrs Brandl is responsible for the project portfolio management and managing the structure of the enterprise project management office. In addition, she has been heavily involved in the restructuring of the IT organisation and on the establishment of a company-wide strategy for the digitisation of Kneipp Group.