Companies succeed when they choose the right tool for the job, and that tool will change with a project’s requirements. At one time or another, most businesses will encounter both Agile and Waterfall methodologies, and a large number will create custom blends of the two. The most productive businesses will bridge the gaps fluidly and provide communication across barriers.

In our previous webinar, we highlighted the benefits of various development methodologies and the ways in which businesses might approach a blended enterprise. This webinar examines the tools and processes necessary to wrap collaboration, accountability, and data around all stages of the project lifecycle, from planning to development to deployment and post-mortem analysis.

In this 1-Hour webinar, learn how to:

  • Should businesses adhere to strict methodologies for projects or build a hybrid to suit their specific needs?
  • How can businesses encourage and capture communication between relevant parties, regardless of methodology?
  • How should businesses scope and measure goals and success metrics when planning a project?
  • Can IT bridge the understanding gap between methodologies by providing common metrics?
  • What are the collaboration and reporting requirements for a multi-methodology management solution?

About the presenters


Rich Morrow



Rich is a 20-year open-source technology veteran who enjoys coding and teaching as much as writing and speaking. His current passions are cloud technologies (mainly AWS and OpenStack) and big data (Hadoop and NoSQL), and he spends about half of his work life travelling around the country training the Fortune 500 on their use and utility.

Dave Ohara

Dave Ohara



Dave's corporate career started at HP, then Apple, and last at Microsoft. These companies taught him lessons in product development and the challenges for going to market. After 20+ years developing technology, I switched to the data center industry to understand the challenges in going to market with online services.


Jesse Dowdle

Engineering Director


Jesse Dowdle heads all product development efforts for the Workfront technology group in the U.S. and overseas. Great products are the result of innovative design and the engineering magic that brings it to life. Jesse sits at the intersection of these disciplines, equally comfortable with highly technical concepts and customer interaction. To ship software at lightning speed, Jesse drives thought leadership on continuous delivery, development best practice, and process evolution. Jesse is happiest when he’s building great products, and sees technology, process and people as equally important prerequisites for success. Jesse is a native of Utah, where he enjoys fast cars, three children, and one wife.

Who should watch this webinar

  • CIOs and CTOs
  • VPs of application development
  • PMO directors
  • VPs of engineering
  • Application developers and architects
  • Project management professionals
  • IT decision-makers