It is no secret that healthcare organizations are dealing with an ever-increasing amount of chaos caused by disconnected tools, random input processes, inefficient use of time and poor visibility.

Project success rates are on a steady decline. It’s time to evolve or accept project failure.

In this webinar, learn how:

  • Project management tools and methodologies have evolved (and devolved)
  • To manage the entire lifecycle of work (not just project work)
  • Forward-thinking organizations are solving the chaos of work
By the end of this webinar you will be able to see how your IT team can increase, manage and collaborate on their work more efficiently—all on an enterprise-grade platform.

About the presenters


Eric Lopez

Sales Engineering Manager


Eric is a marketing technology and work management expert with nearly 10 years experience in enterprise software consulting. At Workfront, he leads a team of sales engineers and consults with some of the largest organizations around the globe on improving productivity, collaboration, and visibility across their marketing and creative services teams. Outside of work, Eric is an avid guitar player, fisherman, scuba diver, husband and father.

"People have become more social and collaborative. In the Healthcare Provider IT space this has meant an increased use of social tools on project teams in order to facilitate a collaborative team atmosphere."