Project management can be challenging when you can’t control all the dependencies that affect your projects, but it becomes even more difficult when you have to rely on other departments, globally distributed organizations, or any contingencies that you can’t directly impact.

Nathan Greer, Director of Marketing Resource Management at Charles Schwab, will share his top 5 methods for how his team uses Workfront and other SaaS applications to manage projects in a large, multinational company to have better visibility, orchestration, and reporting of projects. He’s also joined by Derek Adams, Operations Manager at Azuqua, and James Manno, Enterprise Sales Leader at Workfront, who will help you understand how any project manager can leverage these tactics today.

In this webinar, you'll learn

  • How to increase visibility and accountability across teams
  • Top reporting methods used at Charles Schwab for project management
  • How to connect all the tools you use for more effective workflows with Azuqua

About the presenters


Nathan Greer

Director of Marketing Resource Management

Charles Schwab

Nathan Greer is the Director of Marketing Resource Management at Charles Schwab, who has ten years of experience in marketing, public affairs, technology and customer success. He is experienced in the development and execution of consulting, education, support and account management best practices, while developing a highly rated post-sale services team focused on driving customer success and renewal, particularly in a SaaS environment.


Derek Adams

Customer Success Manager


Derek Adams is a Customer Success Manager at Azuqua with specific expertise around project and resource management. Derek has helped customers across the globe optimize their processes through workflow automation, data integration, and cross-team connectivity.


James Manno

Enterprise Sales Leader


James Manno has 15 years of experience in Project and Portfolio Management. He has worked at Workfront for 8 years.