Presenters: Dan Swain, Engineer, Workfront Marketing Solutions Group and Branden Bingham, Workfront Content Marketing Manager

Learn how to:

  1. Track all your team’s projects and campaigns across various platforms, all in one place.
    Today’s marketing campaigns consist of a variety of moving parts. Keeping track of projects like print, online, social, video, etc. within a single campaign can be a project in itself.
  2. Get your projects done on time without working overtime.
    Meeting deadlines is one thing but meeting them without burning the midnight oil in crunch time is the real kicker. Learn how you can manage even the biggest projects and still get home on time.
  3. Provide detailed budgets and real-time reports to executives without stalling production.
    Quickly and easily show your team’s value with very little effort.

By the end of this webinar, you’ll see how you can make your complex marketing campaigns rock, look like a superstar in the process and still make it home on time for dinner.

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