Process smothers creativity. Or at least, that’s what most creative types seem to think.

What they don’t realize is, “process” isn’t really the dirty word it’s made out to be. In fact, the whole notion that process or structure kills creativity … is a myth.

The reality is, without the right amount of structure in place, a creative’s workday can, and often does, quickly turn into chaos—where you fall victim to last-minute fire drills, absurd amounts of rework, excess meetings, missed deadlines, frustrated clients, and ultimately, not having enough time to be creative.

Watch this webinar to learn how to use structure and process to reclaim time to be creative, including:

  • Finding a better way to manage your requests
  • Getting religious about creative briefs
  • Using templates for repeatable projects
  • Embracing a more Agile approach to work
  • Standardizing your review and approval processes

About the presenters

Brent Bird

Brent Bird

Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager


As Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager and Scrum Master at Workfront, Brent leads go-to-market research and content marketing strategy. He has worked with hundreds of global marketing teams, creative agencies, and project management organizations to help them effectively manage their workload and control chaos. Brent has spent the majority of his career marketing enterprise software solutions, but he has also spent time in advertising, broadcasting, and copywriting. He is working to attend a game in every Major League baseball park to determine which hot dog wins.


Raechel Duplain

GTM Manager


Raechel is a Southern Californian currently living in Southern Florida. She’s spent the last six years at a Utah-based company, Workfront, where she’s helped build a strategic content marketing program that works in partnership with creative and demand generation. Raechel leads a team of writers—in-house and freelance—and manages creative projects, with particular expertise in in-house creative services teams and agencies. When she’s not working, Raechel spends her time with her husband, at the beach, or pretending like she’s going to go for a run.