Because they are juggling an always-growing backlog of projects, enterprise teams consistently struggle to easily and appropriately resource the most important and valuable projects that contribute to the company’s bottom-line or strategic long-term goals. Currently, teams lack the ability to easily and quickly check team members’ capacity and assign or reallocate resources, without going through an extremely tedious, manual process, which often times leads to randomly assigned work, overloaded team members, and missed deadlines. In its ongoing effort to help companies focus on the right work, Workfront has delivered a new and innovative approach resource management, which allows enterprise teams to connect the right people to the most important work – quickly, easily, and effectively. Join Workfront’s Nick McCleery and Shashwati Cates for “Increase Your Team’s Efficiency: Leverage Workfront’s Resource Scheduling Capabilities” on November 3, 2016 at 1:00 pm EDT.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to

  • See a single view of what matters most: resource managers can now view an entire team’s bandwidth in a single, easily consumed calendar with the added benefit of filtering projects and programs by users or roles so you see what you need in order to effectively assign tasks.
  • Prioritize and assign tasks: easily swap roles and users across multiple projects, by leveraging our intuitive drag-and-drop assignments, and quickly assign the appropriate resources to the right projects.
  • Easily contour tasks: resource managers can now designate the exact number of hours a team member can spend on a task–it’s quick, efficient, and easy.

About the presenters


Nick McCleery



Nick is an innovative technology strategist and product manager specializing in enterprise project and portfolio management tools. He is a certified Scrum Product Owner and Six Sigma Greenbelt. At Workfront, he leads Agile product strategy and consults with some of the largest organizations around the globe on improving productivity, collaboration, and visibility.


Shash Cates

Solutions Marketing Manager


With over 13 years of marketing experience, Shash Cates has a strong background in sales enablement, demand generation, marketing strategy and positioning to support both product and partner marketing. At Workfront, she leads an Agile product marketing team supporting the sales and product teams in new iniatives. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, traveling, trying new cuisines, and spending time with her family.