Software development and test/QA teams are under tremendous pressure in organizations forced to do more with less. Distributed teams, system upgrades, and software integrations only add fuel to the fire, especially for those tasked with critical deliverables and meeting deadlines. These problems scamper about like pesky little lizards on the individual level, but taken together add up to one gigantic, fire-breathing dragon: the dragon of work chaos.

In this webinar, learn:

  • Spot the dragon—see why development and test/QA are the ideal habitat in which the dragon of work chaos thrives and where wasted time could be costing you a price
  • Prepare for battle—explore key guidelines of standardizing project inputs and requests, resource management, and metric tracking to keep your teams connected to their projects and day-to-day work
  • Conquer the dragon—learn how a modern enterprise work management solution unifies distributed teams, allows for seamless integrations, and provides end-to-end project visibility and accountability

Time to don your shiniest armor and unleash your inner project warrior as you go to battle and get work done. See you on the battlefield. Watch this web seminar.

About the presenters


Brian Cressall

Head of Engineering


Brian coordinates and runs the development efforts for the core Workfront product involving nearly a dozen teams and three offices. He has been involved in writing software since his mid-teenage years and has worked in various fields including weather instrument data collection, public safety software, eCommerce, search engine optimization, and now work management. Brian provides proven management and product development oversight to the Workfront development team.


Michael Luciano

Director of QA


Michael Luciano currently holds the position of Director of Quality Assurance at Workfront, a leader and innovator in the PPM space of enterprise collaborative work management. Mr. Luciano has over twenty years experience in the field of quality assurance, having worked to build high performance global teams and enterprise QA process for such companies as Xerox, EDS, HP, Thomson Reuters and, currently, Workfront. Mr. Luciano has achieved a Masters of Science level of education in Information Technology, and has spoken at a number of institutions regarding the current state of the QA industry and the opportunities available to those interested in the field.