Business leaders are charged with making sure their employees are focused on work that adds to the strategic goals of their organization. Download this whitepaper to learn the critical success factors you need to know to ensure your teams are working on the right work at the right time.

The challenge for you is to decide which initiatives to focus on, how many people are able to work on them, and which order they should be worked on to make the best use of worker’s time. Finally, you need to have reliable, up-to-date data to make decisions as work progresses.

That’s a lot to keep track of and you have probably tried one or more tools that claim to help. Business leaders find most project and portfolio management (PPM) solutions claim to help you pursue only projects that provide the greatest business value, but will only get you part way toward your goal.

Download this 2-page whitepaper and learn what you need to:

  • Establish formalized evaluation and prioritization processes
  • Find the earliest start dates for projects based on resource capacity
  • Get real-time, reliable information without adding more tasks for your teams

“The dirty little secret of project and portfolio management is that much of the available software is so difficult to use that few people do. Any solution that doesn’t address this will never be able to provide all the up-to-date information required by corporate decision-makers. With information generated by project teams on the front line being so critical to achieving an organization’s objectives, it doesn’t make sense to force them to learn a new set of complicated procedures in order to participate in the PPM process. Individual project team members should not be required to become project management experts, nor should collecting the data crucial to corporate viability create an intrusive impact on their particular job role.”