We all know what happens when projects fail: people panic, stakeholders get angry, there’s finger-pointing and fire drills, BFF’s break up. It’s not pretty.

As the person who is trying to change the way work gets done in your department or organization, you need back up.

We created this presentation to help you present 4 sobering reasons why the right tool to manage your entire lifecycle of work, including projects, is not a luxury but a necessity. Reasons such as:

  • Your projects are over budget and behind schedule
  • You’re stuck with poor planning, analysis and visibility
  • Benefits of an EWM solution
  • Workers are drowning in (mostly irrelevant) information
  • You have lost productivity (and $) to email

At the end of this presentation, your boss will see the light and will be motivated to find budget for a better world where you have a single source of truth for all of your enterprise work.

Download the presentation today!

"The value is tremendous. Our best engineers are gaining 20 or 30 percent more time behind the CAD station, innovating. Our fill rates, our ability to see what’ going on in the supply chain and understand what our year’s going to look like, is worth millions of dollars to the company."

Steve Malchow, VP, Operations, Engineering & Sourcing