Increasing Demands Require Efficiency

With all that is being asked of Hospital IT groups, little is being offered in the way of additional resources. The only alternative is to give existing teams the ability to make the most out of what they have. Or in other words, to give them the ability to be more efficient. In this whitepaper you will discover how you can:

  1. Better manage ad-hoc requests (distractions)
  2. Make successful project practices repeatable
  3. Make well-informed decisions with increased project visibility

Although there is no silver bullet (there rarely is), there are three things you can do to help maximize the efficiency of your hospital IT group. Like most shared/centralized services teams, HIT faces internal and external (like federal mandates) stakeholders who believe that their most recent request is the single most important thing your teams are working on (regardless of whether or not it really is). Unfortunately, unless you have visibility into what your project teams are really working on, it may very well be the “squeaky wheels” within your hospital that are running your department-not you.

Many HIT directors are asking questions like, “How am I going to deliver Meaningful Use compliance and keep up with all the other government initiatives?” as well as “How am I going to keep my staff on prioritized projects and free from drive-by requests while still keeping all my internal customers happy?”