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Create and Manage Content with Workfront + Box

Innovative teams spend less time downloading and more time collaborating. The Workfront + Box integration enables users to securely collaborate on digital content that is easily synced between the two applications.

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“Based on reviewing completed projects we can better predict/estimate timeframe for future projects, which allows us to better select which projects to work on, without depending on overly optimistic estimates by the teams"

Amy Sternin

“Reinforcing collaboration and efficient use of resources towards 'bringing products to market faster'; giving value to the business and our customers.”

Geoff Daniow
Value Programme Manager at Gerard Lighting

“Workfront enabled us to provide a complete culture shift when tracking marketing and design projects. We now have a place that captures as many details as needed to get a project started and worked through. It's been a great way to know the number of projects we're working on and accountability on all parts to maintain a timeline that respects everyone's needs.”

Jen Franz
Marketing Project Coordinator at SAE International

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