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Simplify Your Work Management with Workfront + Sharepoint

With the Workfront + Sharepoint integration, you have the ability to pass documents between Workfront and Sharepoint, making it easy for stakeholders to access and share final assets.

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Stop Uploading And Start Linking.

Collaborate in-context and stop wasting time waiting for an upload to complete. Users can link any Sharepoint file directly to Workfront.
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Work Then Share

Workfront + Sharepoint streamlines asset distribution by allowing users to migrate final assets into Sharepoint folders directly from Workfront tasks.
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“Workfront enables resource loading and accurate tracking that enables to manage scope and do effective planning.”

Manila Patro
Program Project Manager at NTT DATA Inc

“We have been able to collaborate cross-departmentally in a way that we didn't think was possible. Workfront has brought together several departments as well as two different organizations which share resources. We have also implemented an approval process for our major solicitations. This was a 20 year old need--that is finally met!”

Jaylyn N Lee
Crimson Services Director at Indiana University Foundation

“Since we use Workfront as a hub for all creative and digital projects we have one area to go to find anything that we need. It also reduces the need for saving emails since all comments can be found in one place.”

Morgan Hatcher
Senior Marketing Specialist at Insight

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