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Project And Portfolio Management

  • Manage projects and tasks anytime, anywhere
  • Gather and prioritize all requests
  • Automate manual processes for better workflow
  • Leverage time-saving project templates
  • Access all-in-one-place document storage

Team collaboration

  • Provide real-time status updates
  • Establish one place for all project communication
  • Create approvals with tracking and notifications
  • Leverage an easy social interface
  • Make peer-to-peer assignment requests

Visibility And Justification

  • Visually track metrics
  • See calendars and project schedules
  • Know exactly who is doing what work
  • Assess planned versus actual project time
  • Justify staffing and budget needs

Mixed Methodologies

  • Manage projects in Agile, waterfall or a mixture of the two
  • Use the methodology that best fits your team
  • See reports that span both methodologies
  • Adopt Agile at your own pace

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The Value Of Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud

As a corporate app development team, you develop and deploy the systems your business needs to stay a step ahead, but without visibility across all those projects, you’re often forced to make decisions based on outdated or inaccurate information—not to mention cobble together plenty of spreadsheet reports. Workfront eliminates the chaos by allowing you to:

Make Informed Decisions

With Workfront you always know who’s working on what and how new projects will impact your team—so you can make strategic decisions instead of fighting fires.

Stop ‘Stepping On Toes’

Workfront gives you visibility across every team and every project—so you can be sure that upgrade of the finance system won’t break the marketing system…again.

Eliminate Manual Reporting

Nothing kills productivity faster than laboring over spreadsheet reports that are outdated as soon as they’re produced. Workfront cuts reporting time by up to 90%.

“The value I get from Workfront is the data market IT. We’re running 40 active projects at any given time. 95% of those are within budget. That’s a pretty good story. Until now, I couldn’t say that without making up the numbers.”

Kim Jaques

American Capital