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Project And Portfolio Management

  • Manage projects and tasks anytime, anywhere
  • Assess portfolio and program performance
  • Manage projects in Agile, waterfall or a mixture of the two
  • Efficiently plan project and resource capacity
  • Leverage time-saving project templates

Visibility And Justification

  • Visually track metrics
  • See calendars and project schedules
  • Know exactly who is doing what work
  • Assess planned versus actual project time
  • Justify staffing and budget needs

Team Collaboration

  • Provide real-time status updates
  • Establish one place for all project communication
  • Create approvals with tracking and notifications
  • Access all-in-one-place document storage
  • Leverage an easy social interface

Natural Workflow

  • Automate manual processes
  • Gather and prioritize all requests
  • Create approvals with tracking and notifications
  • Route work requests to the right team member

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The Value of Enterprise Work Cloud

As an IT PMO, you manage the work that keeps the business running, but without visibility across all those projects and ad-hoc requests, you’re left to spend hours wading through status meetings, email threads, and spreadsheets to find even the most basic answers. Workfront eliminates the chaos by allowing you to:

Get Everything in One Place

Workfront brings together projects, tasks, assignments, and deadlines—as well as all those ad-hoc “drive-by” requests you field every day—in one simple solution.

Stop Chasing Updates

Tired of running down updates with only a durable pair of shoes to help you? Workfront makes it easy for every stakeholder to engage, collaborate, and contribute.

Eliminate Manual Reporting

Nothing kills productivity faster than laboring over spreadsheet reports that are outdated as soon as they’re produced. Workfront cuts reporting time by up to 90%.

“The biggest value that Workfront has created is visibility. The value is the time savings of not having to chase down information, and that isn’t something that I can put a price on, because you don’t get more time in the day. And I do feel like this tool has given us time back in our day.”

Tiffany Schepens

Manager of PMO
Tampa General Hospital