Most people would agree that a company’s most valuable asset today is its workforce. Ironically, most companies aren’t very successful at helping their people maximize their value. Over the last 50 years, many tech solutions have been tried to help business leaders address this problem—but they have all fallen short of meeting the needs of today’s dynamic organizations. The traditional, centralized, command & control approach just doesn’t work. Today’s changing workforce calls for a bottom-up, “grassroots” approach—one that leverages the expertise and mobility of a distributed, tech-savvy workforce.

What You Will Learn

Join this Industry Thought Leadership Webinar Series for a discussion with Forrester Principal Analyst Tim Harmon. Tim will explore the motivations and technology utilization attributes of knowledge workers today by age group, role, and vertical industry; and map those to the type of dynamic, distributed work teams, activities, and environments becoming increasingly prevalent so that you can better apply technology to maximizing the effectiveness of your workforce.