Leap Europe 2018 Session Slides

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Thanks for joining us at Leap Europe. As session decks become available, you can click each breakout session title below to access the slide deck for that session. Check back often for more updates. We hope to see you again next year!

Advanced Product Sessions:

How Workfront DAM Can Be the Final Piece to Your Digital Puzzle - Tony Cocchiarella, Workfront

Workfront + Adobe Marketing Cloud: An Integrated Marketing Solution - Alex Hamilton, Ensemble Systems

Collections: A Whole New World of Advanced Reporting - Matt Mitchell, Workfront

Workfront Integrations: When 1+1 is Greater Than 2 - Darin Patterson, Workfront

Building Integrations with Workfront Event Subscriptions - Matt Mitchell, Workfront

Resource Management: Putting it Together, Piece by Piece - Michael Swan, Workfront

15 Advanced Tips to Level up Your Workfront - Giuliana Tercan, Workfront

Capacity Planning: Imagine All The People - Jennifer Moore & Michael Swan, Workfront

Workfront Proof: Now and in the Future - Etienne Bosch, Workfront

Future of Reporting: Reshaping Your Experience - Etienne Bosch, Workfront

AI and Workfront: Do the Jobs You Love, Not the Tasks You Hate - Ryan Casey, Workfront

Review & Approval For Non-Creative Content - Etienne Bosch, Workfront

Next-Level Connectivity Powered by Workfront FusionTM: Enabling Modern Integrations in Workfront - Matt Mitchell, Workfront

Business Skills Sessions:

Drive Adoption: Focus on 5 Key Areas of The Journey - Prasoon Ranjan, WNDYR

Marketing Operations 2.0: Your Tech-centric Strategy for Success - Joanna Rossi, Allocadia

Amp Up Your Workfront Journey - Beth Anne Wilhelm & Nicholas DeBenedetto, LeapPoint

The SHIFT: How to establish the foundations for successful software adoption - Marcellus Lindsay, LCS (Europe) Ltd

‘Marchitecture’ and the Foundations for Marketing Success - Urs Blickenstorfer, Bluprint Global

Executive Sessions:

Combatting Disengagement: Three Steps to Increase User Adoption and Improve ROI - Steve Cappellucci, Workfront

A practical application of Digital Transformation at ICON plc - David Green, ICON

What Every Executive Needs to Know About Privacy's Impact on Security - Steve Gentry, Workfront

How To Digitally Transform Your Organisation - Scott Lee & Simon Adler, Workfront

Networking Sessions:

Networking Session: IT/ PMO - Matt Mitchell, Workfront

Networking Session: Newbies - Colin Brown, Workfront

Networking Session: Marketing - Carol Nicolson-Cole, Workfront

Networking Session: System Admins - Matt Broschinsky, Workfront

Product Fundamentals Sessions:

Large-scale implementation: Structuring our business, our people and Workfront for success - Christian Blak Barnes & Mario Ekkeshis, iProspect

The Champion's Boot Camp: Igniting Workfront Fever Across an Organisation - Jordan Staples & Matt Broschinsky, Workfront

Understanding Usage: User Base Adoption Surveys - Russ Drury, Workfront, Nina Long, TSB

Start Out Simple: Mature Through Usage - Russ Drury & Amanda Sharp, Workfront

The Future of Workfront for Enterprises - Darin Patterson, Workfront

The Workfront Crystal Ball: 2018 Workfront Product Roadmap - Darin Patterson & Jennifer Moore, Workfront

Hello Workfront - You’re good to go! Transforming the Future of Work at TSB - Nina Long, TSB

Agile Marketing 201: Taking Agile to the Next Level - Giuliana Tercan & Amanda Sharp, Workfront

Work from Anywhere with the Workfront Mobile App - Jennifer Moore & Michael Swan, Workfront

Managing Change and Deployment Strategies - Colin Brown, Workfront

Workfront Roll-Out Lessons Learnt, Bristol-Myers Squibb (Europe) - Damian Drozd, Bristol-Myers Squibb

A Review of Workfront Implementation at BT Business & Public Sector - Marie Vaughan, BT Business and Public Sector

Home Sweet Home: Getting the Most from the New My Work - Jennifer Moore, Workfront

Organisation after Implementation: The Journey of Devro's Product Development Team - Katie Stephen & Richard Hughes, Devro

No Limits: Workfront FusionTM enables the Modern, Boundary-less Enterprise - Darin Patterson, Workfront

Training Sessions:

Get Strategic with People Management - Betsey West, Workfront

How to Empower Workfront Users Through Training - Allison Lippert, Workfront

Reporting Essentials: Groupings, Views, & Filters - Chris Knittle, Workfront

Fundamentals of Building Custom Reports - Chris Knittle

Boredom vs. Burnout: Managing Your Team's Workload - Betsey West, Workfront

Custom Form Essentials - Aubrey Hayes, Workfront

Introduction to Text Mode Reporting - Chris Knittle, Workfront

Setting Up Workfront for Better People Management - Betsey West, Workfront

Queue Management - Aubrey Hayes, Workfront

Essential Skills for Getting Stuff Done - Jordan Staples, Workfront

Moving from Legacy to New Resource Management Solutions - Betsey West, Workfront

Introduction to Agile Work Management - Chris Knittle, Workfront

Manage Reviews & Approvals in Workfront - Aubrey Hayes, Workfront

Project Time Management - Allison Lippert, Workfront

Scrum and Kanban in Workfront - Chris Knittle, Workfront

Manage User Training Through Workfront Ascent - Allison Lippert, Workfront

Enhance the User Experience with Dashboards & Layout Templates - Allison Lippert, Workfront

Driving User Adoption - Aubrey Hayes, Workfront

Helpful Reports to Get You from Demand to Delivery - Allison Lippert, Workfront