2020 Leap Lion Awards


These up-and-coming leaders are setting the pace for the rapidly changing world of work. Each finalist displays a passion for fresh ideas and strategic innovation. Their collaborative mindset and ability to inspire their organizations make them rising stars in enterprise work management.

North American finalists

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Amber Dallapiazza, Senior Analyst, Process Improvement

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Shane LaBounty, Creative Operations Leader

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Andrey Popov, Technical Lead

European finalists

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Oliver Hoerr, Portfolio Analyst

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Lynne Fairburn, Head of Marketing Delivery

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Richard Farquhar, Head of Marketing


These finalists show operational excellence in their ability to actively manage work. Each organization understands that measurable success always matters and displays a distinct ability to clearly define business outcomes to drive processes, projects, and programs.

North American finalists

European finalists


The Lion Award finalists for Strategic Achievement start with visibility and context. Our nominees have displayed the ability to communicate business goals clearly and broadly, resulting in colleagues understanding the requirements to contribute to company success.

North American finalists


Technology is a key enabler of a breakthrough performance culture. These finalists show technical excellence in deploying applications and systems to foster smarter decision making across individuals, teams, and departments.

North American finalists

European finalists


Constant and often disruptive change is business as usual. The organizational agility award finalists demonstrate agility as a core competency and the ability to quickly and continuously innovate to achieve success.

North American finalists


Modern work leaders are both an agent of change and someone who inspires, guides, and coaches others. These finalists have demonstrated the ability to communicate the impact of working differently and influence adoption and employee satisfaction across their company.

North American finalists

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Nicole Keel, Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing Ops

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Elizabeth Volini, Executive Director, ePMO Lead, Workfront Product Owner

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Dale Whitchurch,Director, Global Program Management

European finalists

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Sarah Cookson, Traffic Manager

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Alex Berman, Enterprise Program Manager

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Arjun Majumdar, Deals Manager


As a leader in enterprise work management, these finalists have displayed excellence across all award categories. These enterprises have achieved the attributes necessary to treat work—people, actions, and the intellectual capital they create—as a tier one asset and achieve unique value as a result.

Global finalists


Every year, Workfront recognizes a select group of partners for their overall value to Workfront and our customers. These partners showcase a continued effort to invest in Workfront and grow their Workfront practices to meet customer needs, drive annual revenue, and leverage their unique and versatile expertise to contribute to customer wins and market awareness.

North America Partners of the Year

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EMEA Partners of the Year

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