How can you get more final than “final-final”?

Yet this phrase is used over and over again by marketing and creative teams. Whenever you hear “is this final-final?”, you can pretty much guarantee that the person asking that question really means to say, “We have exhausting approval processes and I’ve had to rework this piece 19 times. Are you absolutely, positively sure this is final, or can I count on rework #20 coming soon?”

Endless rounds of rework can end up wasting 25% to 40% of your project spend, which can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost. You can’t afford that much waste in dollars, much less people’s time and resources.

In this on-demand webinar, learn how to:

  • Make sure each approver is aware of their role in your workflow
  • Define what “final” actually means ahead of time
  • Standardize the approval process

About the presenters


Richard Whitehead

Senior GTM Director



Nina Brakel-Schutt



Nina has over 20 years of experience in brand strategy and integrated marketing communications. Prior to joining Widen, she spent time on the agency side in Chicago, helping companies strengthen and communicate their brands. Nina also served as a Managing Partner of her own brand consulting firm, Identity 3.0, and was an adjunct professor of marketing at DePaul University. Her client experience includes organizations like Allstate, Lund International, Aptar Group, WMS Gaming, General Electric, and Rush University.

Who should watch this webinar

Creative teams and managers needing to increase control of and visibility into the proofing and approval processes and decrease project times and spending.