It’s every design team’s nightmare: You’ve spent months on a project, then suddenly there is a need to shift gears and move in a completely different direction.

The problem is if your team is already trying to keep up with deadlines, any sudden shift like this can bankrupt your team — left with no time, no resources, and no morale to survive.

Future-proofing your team ensures you can handle these shifts and deal with projects of any size or scale with minimal disruption.

This webinar details how to future proof your design team by:

  • Finding your rhythm
  • Doing the math
  • Getting naked

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About the presenters


David Lesué

Creative Director


David Lesué has worked professionally as a graphic designer/art director/creative director/interaction designer/user experience designer for the last 15 years. He has worked for Omniture, RiSER, Brigham Young University, and Adobe. David currently leads the efforts of the creative services team (Web, print, and video) as the Creative Director for Workfront.

Angus Pic

Angus Montgomery


Design Week

Angus Montgomery is the editor of Design Week, a title that provides breaking news and in-depth analysis of the trends that shape the design world and showcases the most interesting new design work. He is a former managing editor of the Architects' Journal and reporter at the Press Association.