Presenters: Brent Mark, Senior Consultant, Workfront and 
Erin Frey, Senior Graphic Designer, House of Blues Entertainment.

Does it take too long to get the approvals you need? Do you work with people located in different places around the country? The world? Do you have 3rd party vendors you need to keep in the loop but can never seem to get ahold of over the phone?

Speed up approval times and clearly communicate with others—whoever and wherever they are. The benefits of having everyone in the same workflow are obvious.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear how the House of Blues was able to:
  • Get project data you can trust
  • Improve team engagement for better visibility
  • Safely share files with anyone, including outside vendors

By the end of this webinar you will see how you can increase creative workflow productivity and speed up your approval times.

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“Don’t call me on the phone. Don’t give me an IM. Put it in Workfront, because that allows for one source of truth.”

Erin Frey, Senior Graphic Designer

House of Blues Entertainment