The Problem

Chaos Controls The Work

Developing and then launching innovative new products to the market is often preceded by long, exhausting hours spent trying to meet launch deadlines. Requests come from everywhere, production costs go through the roof, and team morale plummets as a result of the overwhelming chaos. You’re trying to beat these challenges on a daily basis, but you often have to tackle other problems like:

Inflated R & D costs
Inflexible processes
Trade-off between time and quality
Miscommunication among team members
No time for creativity
Disconnected project management tools
The Fallout

Lack of Workflow Cause Delays

You put all your energy and effort into your work trying to keep everything together, but without proper workflows, structure, and standardization, you face more chaos which results in:

Problems with employee retention
Lateness to market
High production costs
Low quality product
Move From Hell

Improve On-Time Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

The Workfront work management solution gives New Product Development teams the capabilities they need to help develop and launch products to market faster, improve ROI, eliminate bottlenecks, and streamline R & D processes along the way

Automated resource management

Simplified resource management through AI-empowered resource planning and scheduling allows you to easily manage your team’s capacity for future and current projects.

Streamlined communication

Access work at any time, from anywhere. Digital communication allows for increased collaboration and efficient communication.

More time for creativity

Spend your time on what matters most. By centralizing workflows and processes, Workfront allows New Product Development teams to prioritize your investment and create more time for innovation and collaboration.

Strategic planning capabilities

Initiation to Launch. Plan the long and short term component of every project.

Increased visibility

Real time dashboards give you complete visibility into project status.