Work is rarely completed by a single team, department or person—it requires cross-group collaboration with a number of individuals outside the boundaries of traditional teams. The Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud brings together the required collaboration between the day-to-day contributors and the important, but infrequent reviewers. It also brings an end to the chaos of external collaboration and gives teams ultimate visibility into their work, while ensuring that everyone is working on the most important things at the appropriate time.

No more “one-size-fits-none” tools

Unlike traditional project management solutions that offer a “one-size-fits-none” tool, this release of Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud provides role-based user experiences designed for external contributors to engage as needed in order to get work done.

  • Share reports, calendars, dashboards and documents – External contributors, on any project can now see reports, calendars, dashboards and documents that are shared with them.
  • Review and provide feedback on digital assets – External contributors can easily review, comment, and collaborate on digital assets, ensuring that everyone is working on the most current version.
  • Approve projects, tasks and issues – External contributors can approve and check status on projects, tasks, and issues.
  • Collaborate and receive updates – External contributors can collaborate in the context of the work and receive real-time updates on all projects, tasks, and documents.

Even better visibility

Workfront Enterprise Work Cloud now includes more work types, provides better visibility at every stage of the work lifecycle, and enables teams to work in the methodology that works best for them.

Workfront Calendar View – A Calendar for Every Need – Calendars are customizable for the unique needs of every person based on the work already in Workfront. The Workfront Calendar View gives unlimited insight into the work you need to complete, or the work being done on specific projects and campaigns by other team members or departments. Calendars can also be shared internally or externally.

Workfront Agile – Work the Way that Works Best for Your Team – Product development and marketing teams can do all of their work with optimum visibility in one place with one tool. Whether teams work in a Waterfall, Agile, or a hybrid model, Workfront provides a single place for all contributors to manage and collaborate together on their work.