Workfront Announces Workfront Library, the First Enterprise Digital Content Hub

by Shelbi Gomez
, 1 min read

SILICON SLOPES, UT — March 5, 2019  Developing, producing, and using digital content is at the core of modern enterprise work, whether doing new product development, establishing compliance workflows, or delivering client-facing work. But as the volume of content continues to grow exponentially, companies are struggling to manage development, leverage assets effectively, and measure performance. Workfront ®, the first modern work management application platform, transforms enterprise content management with Workfront Library — the first enterprise digital content hub for managing initial concept to completion and distribution in the context of work. With the addition of Workfront Library, Workfront is the first platform where digital content is seamlessly connected back to the people and processes that run the enterprise.

Workfront Library is where content is connected to context. Digital assets, from over 150 file types, can be updated from projects with a single click, with all the relevant metadata passed through, so the whole enterprise stays up to date on work in motion. Content in Workfront Library is organized to meet individual users’ needs, while making sure it stays organized, searchable, and usable for everyone. Workfront Library tracks the work activity and utilization of content in real time, enabling people and organizations to track asset performance, gain insights into key elements such as return on investment, and make informed business decisions.

“With Workfront Library, people anywhere across the enterprise can create, manage, and leverage intellectual capital more efficiently and more effectively than ever before, all while being able to scale and provide people with a single place to get work done,” said Steven ZoBell, chief product and technology officer at Workfront. “All the context, documents, images, and feedback needed to create amazing work appears in one solution. People can finally locate the content they need and use it precisely when they need it—through their operational system of record.”

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