Workfront Unveils New User Experience for Modern Work Management

by Shelbi Gomez
, 2 min read

Designed in Collaboration with Workfront Customers, new User Experience Helps People get their Best Work Done


DALLAS, TX —May 7, 2019 Workfront ®, the first work management application platform for the enterprise, today unveiled the new Workfront user experience at its annual Workfront Leap 2019 User Conference.  The new user experience will help people deliver their best work by providing a single destination for strategy, planning, content, collaboration, and work process.

The Workfront team spent over 1,000 hours sitting side-by-side with workers and leaders from across the company’s more than 3,000 customers to observe, track, and understand the ways work gets done. That learning, along with insights built from more than 1.7 billion hours of work managed within Workfront, have been built into the new Workfront experience.

Designed for streamlined workflows and faster outcomes, the new Workfront experience creates a more modern and intuitive work canvas for people. New features and capabilities include:

  • A simplified, streamlined work environment that presents only the functionality the user needs in the moment, eliminating complexity.


  • Tabular layout focused on individual work elements, allowing workers to easily switch activities with complete access to appropriate context and tools.


  • On-the-fly, personalized navigation based on role, user preferences, and context.


  • An interactive sidebar providing a complete task overview, with access to team collaboration and content.


  • A new Workfront mobile application, providing a uniform experience for workers on any supported device.

The new Workfront experience will be available to users in beta release in summer 2019.

Comments on the News

“Workfront exists to help people get their best work done, and that starts with creating a user experience that gives individuals the resources, connections, content, and context they need, while maintaining simplicity and personalization,” said Steven ZoBell, chief product and technology officer for Workfront. “Through a year and a half of collaboration, and over a thousand hours of work side-by-side, customers led us to important insights on how people work in today’s digital environment. The outcome is a new Workfront experience that is simple, fast, personal, and focused on helping people succeed at modern work.”

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About Workfront

Workfront is a modern work management application platform that helps people do their best work so companies can thrive in a digital world. Workfront is built for people, effortlessly connecting teams and easily integrating into existing applications and systems. The ability to see, measure, and analyze critical factors such as resources, outcomes, and priorities keeps everyone on the same page, with a clear understanding of why their work matters. Workfront has helped thousands of companies successfully transform their businesses into modern enterprises that increase revenue, improve customer experiences, and reduce cost, including BT, Cisco Systems, Comcast, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, Fossil Group, TSB, and Trek. To learn more about how Workfront can help your team thrive, visit