American Companies Handed Financial Lemons with the Weak U.S. Dollar Make Lemonade Using New International Project Management Software

by Adam Baker
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Orem, UT – December 3, 2007 – While the euro, pound, and Canadian dollar soar against the U.S. dollar, many American companies are ramping up global expansion to take advantage of the exchange rate. Domestic companies with limited overseas experience and budget are now using task management software to assist them in seizing international opportunities. At the forefront of international task management is AtTask, Inc. – the leading provider of on–demand project and portfolio management (PPM) software – which recently announced they are now the only on–demand PPM solution with multiple–language support. AtTask’s flagship product, AtTask, is a browser, platform, and database independent PPM solution (iPhone compatible) that now provides support in English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, and Japanese.

“The increased demand for U.S. products and services due to the exchange rate is tremendous,” said Scott Johnson, CEO of AtTask. “One of the greatest benefits of using an on–demand software solution is being able to collaborate on tasks internationally, and our project tracking software is the only web–based provider of multiple language support. Solutions supporting only English are no longer sufficient.”

Project team members simultaneously use AtTask in their own language with no special software installation required. AtTask also manages international schedules by noting where each user is located around the globe and adjusts the project's timeline accordingly, while supporting all global date formats, currencies, time zones, number formats, and schedules.

More than 700 companies presently use AtTask internationally. Timex uses AtTask to coordinate between its U.S. and Hong Kong offices; Graphic Packaging Solutions to manage design in Florida and manufacturing in China; PaleoTechnology International for international partnerships and support in Canadian and Australian offices; and Quark to collaborate with Colorado, New York, Munich, Paris, Neuchatel, and London–based offices.
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About AtTask, Inc.

AtTask ( is the leading provider of on–demand project and portfolio management software. Its flagship product, AtTask, places business intelligence tools in the hands of executives and makes team–collaboration accessible to the front line. Its platform independent and multi–lingual solution is increasing efficiency and productivity for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. AtTask's clients include Adobe, CBS, Johnson & Johnson, Chevron, Fujitsu, Hanes, HBO, Hitachi, GE, McDonalds, Toyota, UCLA, and Walt Disney.