AtTask Marketing Work Cloud continues record growth to support modern creative services teams

by Adam Baker
, 2 min read

SILICON SLOPES, UT - May 13, 2014 — More project requests, fewer resources, less time, more late nights. Too often in-house creative services teams consider these the norm—but they don’t need to. AtTask Marketing Work Cloud solves workplace pain by providing the right structure to control the chaos of creative work. With 150% growth in fiscal Q1 2014, AtTask continues to show that it gets adopted and makes a difference in the work lives of thousands of creative services professionals across the globe.

AtTask is the only marketing work management solution built specifically for creative teams. It solves the frustration of marketing work chaos by providing complete visibility throughout the entire work lifecycle—from request to delivery. With its non-intrusive, intuitive, and flexible platform, AtTask Marketing Work Cloud provides creative services teams with the left-brain structure they need so they have more time to focus on the right side of their brains.

Forward-thinking companies such as ATB Financial have leveraged AtTask Marketing Work Cloud to drive increased productivity. For example, the company’s creative services team found that they got back 30% of their time for value-add activities after implementing AtTask—even as they tracked 400% more information.

“AtTask has brought order to chaos,” said Bill Gattinger, senior manager, traffic, production, and direct marketing for ATB Financial. “It has allowed us to regain our reputation for creative excellence. And it’s allowed us to take smart, creative people and take away the burden of trying to organize themselves and trying to find stuff and allow them to be creative.”

With the Marketing Work Cloud, in-house creative teams can:

  • Streamline all marketing requests — Set strategic priorities, negotiate deadlines, make assignments, and manage team members’ workloads by funneling all project requests through AtTask.
  • Plan and track all projects in one central platform — Stop the cycle of endless emails, multiple systems, and sluggish project management spreadsheets by placing all work communication in one single platform.
  • Collaborate, proof, revise, and approve — Go through the feedback process in one place, complete with version control, comment control, accountability, and crowd-sourced project management. The increased visibility helps build trust and credibility for creative services teams throughout the organization.
  • Automate repeatable work — Cut down on unnecessary duplicate work with built-in creative briefs, customizable templates, simple approval processes, and prioritized work lists.

AtTask Marketing Work Cloud has captured the attention of Gartner, Inc. analysts. It placed on Gartner’s Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Magic Quadrant and was included in the list of “Cool Vendors” in the Gartner Inc. report, Cool Vendors in CRM Marketing Applications, 2013.

“The attention and adoption AtTask Marketing Work Cloud has received reaffirms our strategy to focus on the unique needs of marketing and creative services teams,” said Eric Morgan, AtTask CEO. “By helping control the chaos of creative work, we’re making a real, tangible difference in the lives of our customers, helping refocus their valuable time and energy on what they do best: creating.”

To learn more about how AtTask’s Marketing Work Cloud can free your creative bandwidth, be sure to visit AtTask Booth #612 at HOW Design Live and attend creative director David Lesue’s presentation, “Adding Just Enough Structure: A 5-Step Guide to Increasing Your Creativity,” at 10:15 a.m. Tuesday, May 13.

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