AtTask Project Management Software Provides Real-Time Project Visibility for Marketing Firm LeeReedy

by Adam Baker
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OREM, Utah—August 13, 2009—AtTask, the definitive solution enabling organizations to collaborate and accomplish the work most essential to the enterprise, is helping marketing agency, LeeReedy, to not only increase efficiency, but also implement a bonus system for their employees.

“AtTask allows us to see each team member’s progress on a project in real-time,” said Connie Jones, Controller for LeeReedy. “With that kind of visibility, we can identify the performance of designers and others, which allows us to reward outstanding employees accordingly. AtTask makes it easy to set up performance parameters for bonuses, so employees understand what is expected to earn bonus compensation.”

“AtTask has roots in team collaboration and a desire to help project teams succeed,” said Scott Johnson, CEO of AtTask. “We want to provide all team members access to the information that facilitates collaboration and project success. AtTask aligns a company’s strategic vision with actual project execution, empowering executives to make wise choices about project efficiency and company benefit. At the same time, AtTask provides complete project visibility and accountability so organizations can measure productivity and recognize exceptional employees.”

AtTask allows managers to plan projects, as well as add and edit tasks easily and intuitively--with a spreadsheet-like task worksheet and a powerful interactive Gantt chart. Collaboration between team members is easy because AtTask provides a full set of workflow notifications and tools to help people talk about tasks and issues, and resolve problems.

Due to increased visibility, LeeReedy has improved service to their customers. “AtTask makes it easier for us to predict realistic due dates, as well as accurate budget estimates for our clients,” Jones said. “It’s also easier for team members to collaborate on projects, allowing us to keep our customer’s needs in mind and in focus.”

AtTask’s flexibility is another feature that has worked well for LeeReedy. “At first our designers were wary about seeing all their tasks at once,” Jones said. “But AtTask allowed us to change the filters and how much each person would see in their backlog--that way, it was a lot less daunting. AtTask’s customizable interface was one of the features we liked best over other PPM solutions we considered.”

“AtTask has streamlined our process in many ways,” Jones said. “We get answers faster, it’s easier for everyone to keep track of their time, and managers can see data easily and instantaneously. In a nutshell, AtTask is fast, easy, and intuitive.”

Recent AtTask Highlights

* AtTask momentum continues through Q2 with increased revenue growth, strong customer acquisition, and project management innovation.
* Companies like Driscoll’s, Johns Hopkins, National Geographic, Penn State, Simmons Foods, Verizon Wireless, and others choose AtTask’s project management software to align business goals with project execution.
* Global successes in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) exceeded all projections in Q2.
* AtTask was recognized as a visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Project and Portfolio Management1 in 2009.
* According to Gartner’s Market Share: Project and Portfolio Management Software, Worldwide 2008 report2 AtTask was the growth leader for 2008, achieving 90.9 percent share growth, outpacing the overall market by 12x.
* The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) named AtTask the Best Project Management Software for the second year in a row at the 24th Annual CODiE Awards.
* The Project & Portfolio Management Summit, held in June, brought together senior IT executives from the PPM business community who awarded AtTask a “Project & Portfolio Management Award” for “Best Presentation.”
* Organizations from all over the world enjoyed an exciting program of industry analyst presentations and customer success stories during AtTask’s first ever User Conference held in May.

1 Gartner, Inc. "Magic Quadrant for IT Project and Portfolio Management" by Daniel B. Stang and Michael Hanford, June 2, 2009
2 Gartner, Inc. "Market Share: Project and Portfolio Management Software, Worldwide, 2008" by Laurie F. Wurster et al, May 20, 2009

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