AtTask Redefines Work Management (Again) and Gives Team Leaders the Power and Visibility to Balance Work

by Adam Baker
, 2 min read

SILICON SLOPES, UT ­­— February 25, 2014 — AtTask, a leading enterprise work management provider, has introduced two revolutionary capabilities—the first of their kind in the industry—that give team leaders complete visibility into who the ideal owner is for each assignment, how new assignments will impact their existing work, and which team members can take on other projects to balance the load.

Team leaders face a constant struggle to effectively balance work requests against the time, skill set and availability of team members. When assigning work, team leaders have little visibility into how that assignment will impact other projects, how it will affect existing deadlines, or even how it will impact the work-life balance of the assigned team member. 

The new AtTask release gives team leaders and members the power to make the same data-driven work management choices that were previously only available using Gantt charts and complex resource planning interfaces. These innovative capabilities include:

  • Smart Assignments – Rather than defaulting to the people they know best or those they have worked with in the past, Smart Assignments gives team leaders intelligent recommendations for each project task. Using robust data and powerful algorithms, Smart Assignments identifies the team member with the right role and skills to complete the task effectively – and the availability to do so on time.
  • Workload Balancing – The new interface also gives team leads a simple, graphical view of everything their team is working on, including work assignments, personal tasks, issues and time off. This allows them to identify team members who have too much on their plates and redistribute the load by dragging and dropping assignments across the team.

“AtTask is bringing resource visibility across enterprise teams,” said AtTask CEO Eric Morgan. “One of the core strengths of our product has always been its ease of use and ability to drive adoption among business users, not just project managers. Capabilities like Smart Assignments and Workload Balancing build on that commitment by taking complex and antiquated features found in traditional tools and making them accessible to modern enterprise teams.”

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