AtTask Study Shows Confusion and Disruption Reign in the British Workplace

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LONDON, U.K – November 10, 2014 – The modern British workplace is in a state of disarray. Employees are plagued by inefficiency and confusion over their job roles along with miscommunication with management, according to the UK State of Enterprise Work research commissioned by AtTask, the leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions.

Ninety-six percent of office workers in the UK regularly find themselves spending time on activities that get in the way of their work, and 92% spend up to half their time performing duties outside their primary job role. As a result, over a third of workers report suffering from low morale. “Although it’s the premise for many TV comedies, the reality is anything but funny; the British office is lost in the chaos of work,” said Greg Wright, AtTask Managing Director, EMEA. “As a result, productivity is at a standstill, deadlines are missed, projects fail and employees feel overwhelmed and frustrated. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Work management solutions, like AtTask, provide a single tool to manage the complete lifecycle of work and create true visibility into projects so that deadlines aren’t missed and workloads can be managed.”

According to respondents, some of the most noteworthy causes of office workers’ frustration were:

  • Lack of Clarity Over the Ownership of Work— 74% of UK workers feel there are ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’; 72% reported confusion in their office over ownership and responsibility for tasks.

  • Inability to Prove Team Value— Over half of office workers say their communication with company leadership is ineffective. Forty-two percent feel their work accomplishments aren’t visible to management.

  • Lack of Communication— Nearly half of respondents rated internal communication in their companies as somewhat or very ineffective.

  • Excessive Distractions— Office workers blame wasteful meetings, excessive emails, too many unexpected phone calls and a lack of collaboration for keeping them from their primary job duties.

Yet, in spite of the challenges British workers face, the news isn’t all bad. Nationally, 61% of employees feel empowered in their job and over 80% believe at least one person at work ‘has their back’.

Wright added, “Organisations need to focus on freeing their employees from the burdens placed on them by workplace confusion. The most effective decisions are made when employees have instant access to the complete state of work, with the ability to collaborate easily with their colleagues and see all updates as they’re made.”

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Survey conducted by Censuswide on behalf of AtTask. The research surveyed 1,007 UK respondents working in offices nationwide.

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