Educational Bellwether Don Johnston Improves 25–Year Track–Record of Service to Educators and Students With Successful Deployment of AtTask,

by Adam Baker
, 1 min read

Software Eliminates Paperwork, Drastically Improves Workload Efficiencies and Productivity

OREM, Utah – February 26, 2007 — AtTask, Inc. announced it has successfully deployed the AtTask Version 4 project management software at Don Johnston ( The Company that empowers educators with supplemental instruction and intervention solutions to help struggling students build core literacy skills, selected AtTask after a thorough review of competitive solutions in the marketplace and a desire to migrate from inferior options such as Microsoft Project or manual–intensive processes. Prior to the AtTask implementation, Don Johnston did not have a project management solution and it maintained a reliance on Excel spreadsheets and other manual–intensive processes such as magnet boards. Don Johnston managed workflow processes using paper documents.

"Initially, Don Johnston's management started a process improvement initiative with documents containing information about the tasks, duration, and person responsible called 'Work Packages,'" said, James Merritt of Don Johnston. "We wanted a solution that could track all information provided in our Work Packages, set task dependencies, and create centralization with all team members participating. By adopting and deploying AtTask, our end–users now have clear priorities and are no longer being overbooked. Today, we have fewer meetings, achieved increased productivity, easily identify staffing needs, and have built solid and realistic timelines based on critical path and resource availability," said Merritt.

"We are extremely pleased that AtTask project management software was used to liberate Don Johnston project managers from the drudgery of manual processes and paperwork and gain control of projects, manage initiatives and deliverables," said Scott Johnson, CEO, AtTask, Inc. "As a result, AtTask has allowed them to proactively identify risks and move away from reactionary project management."

AtTask's easy–to–use online environment is browser, platform, and database independent. AtTask trumps the competition as its solution does not require complicated software to be installed, or a massive in–house IT department to manage and upgrade. Although ASP and other SaaS models exist – none match the robust functionality of AtTask that is demanded in the market today.

About AtTask, Inc.

AtTask ( is the leading provider of on–demand project and portfolio management software. Its flagship product, AtTask, places business intelligence tools in the hands of executives and makes team–collaboration accessible to the front line. Its platform independent and multi–lingual solution is increasing efficiency and productivity for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. AtTask's clients include Adobe, CBS, Johnson & Johnson, Chevron, Fujitsu, Hanes, HBO, Hitachi, GE, McDonalds, Toyota, UCLA, and Walt Disney.