IT Executives Vote AtTask Best Product Presentation at the Project & Portfolio Management Summit in Austria

by Adam Baker
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Presentation showcasing new project prioritization tools awarded best product presentation by IT executives

OREM, Utah––December 12, 2008 – AtTask, the world’s most popular project and portfolio management (PPM) software, was voted Best Product Presentation by attendees at the PPM Summit in Vienna, Austria. IT executives from around the world recognize AtTask’s enhanced portfolio functionality, which allows executives to prioritize potential projects based upon business value.

Over 100 senior IT executives and CIOs in attendance at the PPM Summit in Austria last week attended boardroom presentations by leading PPM vendors during the two-day event. The award recognizes AtTask project and portfolio management software as a leader in helping organizations focus on the projects that provide the most business value in today’s economy.

"Project prioritization is crucial for organizations that want to maximize their resources in today’s economy," said Scott Johnson, CEO of AtTask. "The difference between successful organizations and those that struggle is often in the projects they choose. Choosing the right projects to work on is critical for organizations who want to make the most out of limited resources."

AtTask helps organizations establish a formalized process for evaluating potential and current projects based upon sound strategic and financial goals—with metrics that can be applied to any project in a portfolio. Organizations can evaluate a potential project’s business goals; identify, categorize, and plan to mitigate risks; and evaluate the costs and benefits of a potential project as well as the project’s alignment with other initiatives in the portfolio. Organizations looking to maximize resources will be able to prioritize projects and zero in on those that provide the most value to their organizations.

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About AtTask, Inc.

AtTask ( is the leading provider of on–demand project and portfolio management software. Its flagship product, AtTask, places business intelligence tools in the hands of executives and makes team–collaboration accessible to the front line. Its platform independent and multi–lingual solution is increasing efficiency and productivity for Fortune 500 companies across the globe. AtTask's clients include Adobe, CBS, Johnson & Johnson, Chevron, Fujitsu, Hanes, HBO, Hitachi, GE, McDonalds, Toyota, UCLA, and Walt Disney.

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