Latest Workfront Release Provides Added Integration with Document Repositories Plus Improved Filtering and Sorting Options

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SILICON SLOPES, UT — January 20, 2016 — Workfront, the leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions, today announced that with their new offering, marketers, IT professionals and other enterprise teams now have the ability to manage all files, directories, and information using a single tool.

“For most of us, it’s vital to the project success to have all information required to complete a project in one place,” said Steven ZoBell, chief product and technology officer at Workfront. “With the integrations available in our latest release, Workfront eliminates hours of wasted time spent searching for assets and instead lets teams focus on producing high quality work.”

The latest release of Workfront includes:

  • Automatic Folder Linking — Workfront folder linking creates a one-step integration between Workfront and a host of document repositories and gives automatic version control due to all linked folders being automatically synced.

  • Improved document management — Workfront now offers deeper integration with connected services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and a variety of DAM solutions, allowing entire folders to be shared — not just individual files — and sync any changes made to those files from Workfront to Google Drive, and vice versa.

  • Superior tools for managing ‘My Work’ — The Workfront ‘My Work’ page now allows users to customize the way their data is displayed, live-filter data, and create new grouping and sorting options. These changes allow workers to work the way they like and get the right work done quicker.

  • Outlook calendar integration — Workfront now offers a tight integration with Outlook calendar, allowing tasks, schedules, and due dates to be shared between the two systems. The integration also allows workers to use the interface that suits them best without creating another information silo.

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