Peregrine Semiconductor Triples Annual Project Capacity, Reduces Time-to-Market with AtTask

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SILICON SLOPES, UT — July 15, 2014 — The AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud has enabled Peregrine Semiconductor to increase its annual project throughput capacity by 300 percent by providing data flow automation and visibility into project resources, task assignments and timelines.

From 2011 to 2012, Peregrine had doubled in size but was hampered by its existing project management approach, complicated Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Project files. Along with the boost in project throughput capacity, Peregrine achieved greater process efficiency that accelerated time-to-market for new projects with AtTask's work management solution.

Minimal visibility and manual status updates

Before AtTask, Peregrine's project managers (PMs) each had to keep his or her own timeline in Excel, with minimal detail and no visibility into how project timelines overlapped. Resource planning was a major challenge, and when bottlenecks inevitably came up, it was impossible to identify the root cause. PMs spent precious hours tracking down and manually logging status updates into cumbersome spreadsheets. By the time they updated the spreadsheets, the information was already outdated because of the speed at which Peregrine's product workflow moved.

Craig Lathrop, Peregrine’s senior program manager, realized that the existing project management solution, which only allowed PMs to manage about five projects at a time, simply could not keep up with his company's substantial growth.

Implementing AtTask has enabled Peregrine to shift its model from one where PMs have to manually update timeline and completion status to one where PMs enjoy the efficiency of seeing the data automatically flow up from the team. Templates and timeline triggers streamline the assignment and task completion process. Now PMs have complete visibility into the workflow process, project budgets and completion deadlines. As a result of the productivity gains with AtTask, Peregrine has increased its annual project throughput capacity from 10 to 30 with the same number of staff, leading directly to growth in revenue.

“AtTask gave us the ability to drive responsibility for the timeline down to the proper level—to the people in the organization actually doing the work,” said Craig Lathrop. “Project managers can now spend more time observing, correcting issues where needed and assessing risk and impact instead of mucking around with the details in a spreadsheet.”

Key features empowering Peregrine project managers

Among the features that AtTask Enterprise Work Management provides, the Peregrine team has benefited most from:

  • Resource management, which helps Craig Lathrop balance the workload among his team members to maximize their efficiency.
  • Workflow automation, which enables the Peregrine team to create a natural workflow and move quickly and efficiently from start to finish on each project.
  • Project and portfolio management, which gives their project managers a single, intuitive tool for quickly viewing essential metrics and information.

“The real value of AtTask is the ease of use of the interface, and the fact that I can quickly get in there and change how resources are applied to which tasks, change the task timeline, and do all of that so simply,” said Lathrop. “With AtTask, our team is far more productive, and we’re able to handle a workload that we simply wouldn’t be able to handle without it.”

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