So You’re Not An Workfront Customer But Liked What You Saw In The IPad Workfront View Demo? You’re In The Right Place.

by Workfront Admin
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Real-time visibility into your work is right at your fingertips. Capture a complete view of all of your team’s work in a dynamic, customizable, real-time dashboard with a variety of available views and reports. Track jobs or campaigns by percent complete, watch your planned vs. actual hours, stay on top of budgets and costs, and anytime you need more information, just drill-down into individual tasks to see what’s really going on.

2016-03-29 (1)2016-03-29

With Workfront View you’ll get best-in-class work management reporting including:

  • Live reports (no PDFs, nothing static)
  • Ability to access reports anywhere you have a data connection
  • Out-of-the-box reports that get you started quickly
  • Customizable reporting to answer any question

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