The New Workfront Adobe Integrations Fill the Gap Between Design and Final Delivery of Assets for Marketing and Creative Teams

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SILICON SLOPES, UT — March 15, 2016 — Workfront, the leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions, today announced, that with their new Adobe integrations, Agile marketing and creative design teams now have the ability to standardize their processes by creating a bridge between the work they have to do with the work they enjoy doing.

The Creative Cloud integration is a Workfront plug-in extension that allows creative designers to design in Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator, and then send the assets to review in Workfront, allowing a designer to remain in one application,” said Steven ZoBell, chief product and technology officer at Workfront. “Digital asset managers are also able to maintain a centralized repository of all approved creative assets by automatically syncing files, folders, assets, comments, and metadata between Workfront and the Adobe Experience Manager.”

The new capabilities offered through the Workfront and Adobe integrations are:

  • Creatives have time to remain creative — The Creative Cloud plug-in minimizes the amount of time creative designers manage different applications to complete projects. Creative designers can stay in one application and continue working on their queue of projects.

  • Increased productivity and responsiveness — Workfront’s integration with the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) helps designers to efficiently maintain a centralized asset repository that is easily accessible and searchable, without having to toggle between the applications, helping designers to stay productive and responsive.

  • Centralized asset management — With this tight, streamlined integration between Workfront and AEM, both applications synchronize files, folders, metadata, comments, changes and updates so the most current version of assets are made available to stakeholders.

  • Better version control of brand assets — This integration provides an efficient method for designers to better control versions synced to AEM so assets made generally available are the approved, final versions.

  • Increased efficiency — Workfront’s plug-in helps creative designers stay productive from creating the assets to receiving proof edits and approvals. This integration supports teams who follow Agile marketing processes as designers can better respond to frequent feedback.

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