Trek Bicycle Adds Millions in New Revenue, Boosts On-Time Delivery 60% by Working Smarter with AtTask

by Adam Baker
, 3 min read

SILICON SLOPES, UTAH (March 20, 2014) — The AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud has enabled Trek Bicycle Corporation to boost on-time product delivery by more than 60 percent to generate millions in new revenue by eliminating communication breakdowns and providing detailed workflow visibility.

By consolidating project communication, planning, and tracking onto the AtTask platform, Trek team members can now spend 30 percent more time and energy developing and delivering top-of-the-line bicycles rather than sitting in status meetings, preparing reports and chasing down colleagues for project updates.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Before AtTask, Trek managed new projects with the typical business tools—emails, spreadsheets and timelines taped to the wall—along with frequent status meetings two or three times a week. Project communication was scattered everywhere, forcing managers to spend up to one-third of their time chasing down information to update status reports that were often outdated just minutes later as projects moved forward. Projects would land in the testing lab with very little advance warning, giving the lab team no time to prepare.

Implementing AtTask has given the entire team complete visibility over the product development process, with real-time communication status updates built-in. By removing the blindfold and planning and tracking project status in AtTask, managers can now see who’s working on what, when it will be done and kick off new projects without creating bottlenecks or overloading staff. As a result, the Trek team can now dedicate more time to innovation and continuous improvement, while also seeing its on-time delivery rate climb from 50 to 80 percent on average. The increase in revenue from having more products hit stores on time was worth literally millions of dollars, according to analysis by the Trek team.

“Prior to AtTask, our projects would be delayed because the management and communication tools we were using couldn’t keep up with the pace of our work. They were holding us back,” said Director of Program Management Kim Lamp. “The visibility AtTask provides streamlines our workflow, helps us identify issues and resolve them quickly, and allows us to communicate in real-time. Now, we can spend more time making our bikes the best on the market and take advantage of new opportunities to grow the business.”

Key Features Keep Projects Moving Forward

Among the many AtTask features, the Trek team has benefited most from:

  • Consolidated communication, giving team members the ability to share resources, input, project status and feedback all on a single platform, rather than scattered across email, spreadsheets and other formats.
  • Real-time reporting, which allows everyone on the Trek team—from senior management to engineers to test lab staff—to see where projects are in the timeline and when they can expect delivery.
  • Measurement tools that allow the Trek team to look back over previous projects, see what worked and what didn’t and apply these lessons learned to new projects for continuous improvement.

“AtTask is designed to work the way you do, with a real-time, comprehensive, single system of truth that keeps pace with your innovation, rather than getting in the way,” said Eric Morgan, AtTask CEO. “Instead of wasting time managing email, updating spreadsheets and sitting in status meetings, your team can be more efficient, productive and creative to achieve business goals and increase profitability.”

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