Workfront Agile Capabilities Enable Celadon Marketing Team to Improve Flexibility and Responsiveness

by Shelbi Gomez
, 2 min read

SILICON SLOPES, UTAH — December 14, 2016 —To address a steady increase in work request volume with fewer resources, Celadon, one of the largest and most progressive transportation and logistics companies in North America, adopted Workfront‘s Agile capabilities for their creative and marketing teams. Since implementing Workfront, Celadon has been able to complete work nearly a quarter faster, reduced rework by 25% and cut meetings by half.

Prior to implementing Workfront, Celadon’s marketing and creative services team of nine supported incoming requests from over 50 stakeholders. Work requests would come in via email, voicemail, sticky notes left on the desk, and conversations in the hallway. The team relied on Wunderlist to keep track of all work requests.  However with Wunderlist there was no central place to communicate to stakeholders on the work and therefore no visibility into the work being done. Ultimately the lack of visibility into the work being done led to a lot of frustration and rework.

“We implemented Agile so we could keep up with our increasing workload and keep stakeholders in the loop,” said Ben Green, senior marketing and creative services manager at Celadon. “We were developing full campaigns based on requests and then having to start again from scratch because a stakeholder didn’t like an idea. With things evolving so quickly and our company culture of change, we had to be more resilient. We had to be able to maneuver better without sacrificing productivity.”

Since implementing Agile to facilitate transparency, Workfront has helped the team transition at its own pace. The team now prioritizes projects in short bursts of work, called sprints, and has a weekly stand-up meeting to discuss all sprint work. The team uses the Agile View — a unique feature to Workfront that allows teams to plan work using a traditional top-down waterfall approach with an option to view and manage those projects and tasks in an Agile way.  The Agile View allows the Celadon team to familiarize itself with being Agile without having to completely change its workflow all at once. These complete views into their entire workload enables the team to more effectively prioritize tasks and focus on the right work, leading to better business decisions and outcomes.

“Workfront is night and day in terms of visibility and has definitely improved communication between our team members and stakeholders,” explained Green. “Our turnaround time is faster and there are fewer mistakes because we now give requestors an early, quick idea of what to expect. They are impressed and we can move forward with more confidence.”

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